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Hazel Park Auto offers a comprehensive range of automotive brakes, rotors, & tires services to keep your vehicle running smoothly

We offer a wide range of wheel maintenance services (brakes / rotors / tires) designed to ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly on the road.

Whether you need tire rotations to extend tire life, wheel alignments for improved handling and fuel economy, or tire replacements due to damage or tread wear, our skilled technicians are ready to meet your needs thoroughly. We also provide tire pressure checks and balancing to ensure both safety and peak performance. If the brakes and / or rotors need attention, we can handle that too - providing complete inspection, replacement, and maintenance services. Trust us - your one-stop-shop for all your wheel maintenance needs.

Depend on us to keep your ride smooth with our high-quality services.
Tire Sales
Tire Installations
Tire Rotation
Tire Balancing
Brake inspection / replacement
Tire Replacement
Wheel Alignment
Tire Air Pressure Checks
(TPMS) Repair & Service
Rotor inspection / replacement

Mission: to provide another 50+ years of quality and honest service to our Hazel Park Auto Service community and beyond.

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