Automotive Inspection Services - St Paul MN

Hazel Park Auto leads the way in automotive care innovation by introducing cutting-edge digital inspections, revolutionizing transparency and efficiency in service

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our digital inspection procedure provides clients with a detailed and visually engaging evaluation of their vehicle's status.

Our skilled technicians take photos and videos of essential parts, equipping clients with lucid understanding of any necessary maintenance or problems. This digital method not only enhances accuracy but also promotes smooth interaction between clients and technicians, fostering cooperative decision-making.

Dedicated to maintaining our lead in the auto service sector, we guarantee clients enjoy unmatched ease and confidence in their vehicle upkeep and repair procedures.
DMV Certified Vehicle Inspection & Repairs

State Emission Inspections & Repairs

Computer Diagnostics
Trip Inspections

Maintenance Inspections

Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair

Mission: to provide another 50+ years of quality and honest service to our Hazel Park Auto Service community and beyond.

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