Standard Automotive Engine Services - St Paul MN

Hazel Park Auto offers a comprehensive range of engine repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly

At Hazel Park Auto, we specialize in a wide array of engine services aimed at ensuring your vehicle operates at its best. Our services span from diagnostics and tune-ups to comprehensive repairs, encompassing all facets of engine maintenance.

If you're experiencing performance issues, strange noises, or dashboard alerts, our proficient mechanics are proficient at quickly pinpointing and rectifying engine problems.

Trust Hazel Park Auto for top-notch engine services that restore your vehicle's strength and reliability.
Engine Repair
Engine Replacement
Engine Performance Check
Belt Replacement
Hose Replacement
Cooling System Repair
Radiator Repair & Replacement
Water Pump Repair & Replacement
Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
Fuel Injection Repair & Service
Fuel System Repair & Maintenance
Ignition System Repair & Maintenance

Mission: to provide another 50+ years of quality and honest service to our Hazel Park Auto Service community and beyond.

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